What is Rustic Decor? Check out rustic style homes & design! (2024)

What is Rustic Decor?

rustic style homes & design

Here’s what rustic decor isnot.



Techy. (well, sometimes… modern rustic decor is trending)

A rustic style decor is a nature-inspired approach to design. In fact, it’s anything but boastful and loud. Do you like the authentic beauty of natural materials? How about a relaxed vibe around your home? If yes, then you’re a prime candidate for rustic-style decor.

Ultimately, the key idea built upon rustic decor is to bring the outdoors in. And that’s easy to achieve with a few of these elements listed in our Ultimate Guide to Rustic Decor.

So, let’s jump in.

Table Of Contents

  1. What is Rustic Decor?
  2. The Setting
  3. Can Rustic Decor Style Be Used in a Modern Home?
  4. Rustic Interior Style Color Palette
  5. Rustic Wood Beams and Natural Stone
  6. Rustic Style Flooring
  7. Saltillo Terracotta Flooring
  8. Painted Talavera Tiles
  9. Decorative Cement Tiles
  10. Textiles in Rustic Interior Design
  11. Rustic Stone Fireplace
  12. Stone and Brick Pavers
  13. Hardware and Lighting
  14. Rustic Hardware
  15. Rustic Style Furniture
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The Setting

rustic style homes with grandiose views

I said that there are easy ways to achieve rustic decor. Well, this isn’t one of them. You either have a home with a nature-filled view, or you don’t. If you don’t, it’s ok. I’ll get to the easier-to-create options next! Now, keep reading.

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First, when I think about a rustic home, I imagine a cabin near mountain valleys with a running brook and abundant wildlife. In contrast, other people may visualize a coastal home with beach views, a French cottage with surrounding gardens, or the classic rustic farmhouse style in rolling pasture lands of the midwest.

For example, rustic design emphasizes the use of natural and organic building materials, such as reclaimed wood and raw materials. These types of materials lend to a warm and inviting rustic interior design style.

Any home that mimics nature with its setting and outdoor views begets rustic. For instance, architecture styles vary, but the theme of the setting breathes a rustic disposition. Those architectural styles include Tuscan, Southwest, Coastal, Mountain, Ranch, Farm, and Hacienda.

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Additionally, rustic decor pairs beautifully with big windows and robust views of the local landscape. So, if you have the option of building a new rustic style home, seek out a location with an emphasis on the essence of nature.

Finally, take a peek at these envious settings.

Can Rustic Decor Style Be Used in a Modern Home?

Yes, rustic design style can be used in a modern home to add warmth and character. By incorporating rustic elements like reclaimed wood, distressed finishes, and vintage accessories into a modern space, you can create a unique and eclectic style that blends the best of both worlds.

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What is Rustic Decor? Check out rustic style homes & design! (9)
What is Rustic Decor? Check out rustic style homes & design! (10)

Rustic Interior Style Color Palette

rustic decor is the overarching theme

Next, the broad color palette of rustic decor is the overarching theme for any of the following design elements. In other words, pick a color theme and stick with it throughout all of your rustic design decisions.

For example, there are two primary schools of thought.

Light & Airy

First, Light & Airy means earthy shades in light, washed-out colors. This often includes contrasts of wood (light & dark colors) and reflective metals in rooms with plenty of natural light. The overall look teases with a monochromatic style. So, it’s relaxing and easy on the eyes.

What is Rustic Decor? Check out rustic style homes & design! (11)

Dark & Subdued

Next is Dark and Subdued. For example, dark wood tones in furniture & fixtures set the tone for this type of rustic space. But it’s brightened with a healthy dose of sunlight. In summary, this is an ideal canvas for accents of robust colors like terracotta, turquoise, yellow, and green. Classic and rugged. Rustic industrial interior design often incorporates exposed building materials, such as terracotta bricks or weathered wall finishes, to create a trendy and comfortable space.

What is Rustic Decor? Check out rustic style homes & design! (12)

Finally, check out the color palettes of these rustic-style homes.

Rustic Wood Beams and Natural Stone

ceilings & walls tell a rustic style story

Wood ceiling beams. Wood-paneled walls and floors. Stone walls and accents.

Rustic Decor. All. The Way.

Even so, browse through the beautiful pictures below to see the gallant ways that nature lives indoors. For instance, reclaimed wood ceiling beams add a natural look and warm accents as ceiling decor. (Also, it’s easy to incorporate this idea in rustic farmhouse design.) Plus, those same beams double as indoor and outdoor columns.

What is Rustic Decor? Check out rustic style homes & design! (18)

Certainly, wood planks serve as wall embellishments and flooring. Above all, I’m a big fan of mixed textured flooring choices – wood flooring paired next to terracotta tile. Similarly, each is earthen and adds a rugged personality to any space.

Next, check out some of the stone walls. They are functional and beautiful. So, this easily suggests rustic decor. In summary, think about the stories a home can tell when hundreds or thousands of stones have been mortared in place piece-by-piece

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Rustic Style Flooring

terracotta tile, concrete tile, & more rustic floors

As I mentioned above, wood and terracotta (Saltillo tile) are go-to choices for rustic-style flooring. For example, choose Saltillo tile from various colors & finishes, and patterns. This is a durable and low-cost rustic flooring option.

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Saltillo Terracotta Flooring

Saltillo tileis a type of Mexican terracotta tile. It’s natural clay available in a fewSaltillo tile colors. Traditional Saltillo is most common for rustic homes. Yet, don’t miss out on the versatility of Manganese Saltillo (a popular terra cotta floor tile design) and its warm chocolate, gray, and terracotta colors. Lastly, the Antique Saltillo floor tile finish offers a non-slip solution with its textured surface and old-world look. Pair any Saltillo floor with a Cantera stone fireplace for a finishing touch!

Learn more in ourUltimate Guide to Saltillo Tile Flooring.

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Cantera Natural Stone Tile & Pavers

Next, Cantera natural stone tile and paversoffer a natural and easy-to-maintain choice for outdoor patios and around pools. So, if you’re considering Cantera stone for flooring, expand the concept to any columns, fireplaces, or other stone features. In fact, Cantera is a hand-carved stone that serves both beauty and function – indoors and outdoors! Keep scrolling to check out some beautiful Cantera stone fireplaces in log cabins and modern farmhouse designs. Learn more about what is Cantera stone.

What is Rustic Decor? Check out rustic style homes & design! (25)

Painted Talavera Tiles

Talavera tiles are attractive options for accents and decorative wall spaces.For instance, Talavera tilepotentially veers toward hacienda style, so be particular with any colors or styles of patterns. But within the right context, Talavera, hand-paintedMexican tile, is a fitting element for rustic design style.

Decorative Cement Tiles

Finally, if you’re gunning for a rustic look with a contemporary style, considerCement tile with Terra Cotta flooring. Reminiscent of old-world encaustic tile, there are (literally) hundreds of options in traditional and contemporary themes. For example, geometric patterns influence the feel of rustic decor with a modern design touch of clean lines and a grounded touch. Or, to enhance the rustic look, you can also install wide plank wood floors for a natural ambiance, combining these classic structures and features with modern styles.

Learn more about why we are the Mexican tile experts on World’s Greatest TV Show.

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Textiles in Rustic Interior Design

varied textures & colors in rustic homes

With so much stone, wood, terracotta, and other hard surfaces, textiles play an essential role in log cabin rustic home design.

For example, use natural fabrics like burlap and canvas to maintain a consistent rugged theme in your home. Use it if it feels earthy, looks earthy, or maybe even smells earthy. At its core, the rustic design uses natural and organic elements.

Additionally, it’s easy to “soften” rustic homes by adding beautiful fabrics, window treatments, and floor rugs. And while earthy is a must, don’t be scared to punch it up with some splashes of accent colors – pillows, cushions, and upholstered furniture.

Woven baskets add even more texture and also serve useful storage functions.

Rawhide rug? Yes! It checks all the boxes for rustic decor, including soft texture, natural materials, and organic smells.

Rustic Stone Fireplace

a key ingredient to rustic-style decor

Next, there’s no better focal point in a log cabin living room or rustic bedroom than a stone fireplace. Gone are the days of run-of-the-mill fireplaces. Now, the fireplace is a fearless statement for any room.

First, the most common choices areCantera natural stone fireplaces. Cantera is a hand-carved stone, so any design comes to life with the talent of skilled masons and artisans. Surprisingly, most people are happily surprised to learn that Cantera Stone is a budget-friendly, affordable option for a rustic-style fireplace. Certainly, with a variety of colors, prospects for a custom fireplace are plentiful. An interior designer loves how a heavy stone fireplace adds natural beauty and dramatic elements to any modern rustic home.

Stone and Brick Pavers

Secondly, brick pavers and loose stones are other prominent choices for rustic fireplace surrounds. Similar to Cantera, there are many color choices for either blending or accenting an overall rustic decor color theme.

What is Rustic Decor? Check out rustic style homes & design! (40)

Lastly, atimber wood mantelis a go-to choice for turning a traditional fireplace into something more rugged. For instance, cedar posts, reclaimed wood, and wood with carved patterns are first-rate styles adding to the rustic style decor of living rooms, bedrooms, and outdoor living areas.

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Hardware and Lighting

matte & mixed metals in rustic home decor

Lighting and hardware are the jewelry of a space. And these are two things that are usually easiest and most affordable to change in homes. If you can’t accomplish anything else in this post, lighting and hardware renovations at least gain theinfluenceof rustic decor. Every little bit counts.

Let’s start with lighting!

What is Rustic Decor? Check out rustic style homes & design! (48)

Here are a few types: Antler light fixtures, decorative lamps, and sconces made from iron and copper, wagon wheel chandeliers, wrought iron chandeliers, and western or southwestern style sconces (horses, stars, cowboy hats, & Kokopellis).

Rustic Hardware

Hardware is another easy fix adding rustic charm to your home. Consider your choice of metals for knobs, handles, drawer pulls, light plates, and door handles. These are design elements where it’s safe to “play.”

What is Rustic Decor? Check out rustic style homes & design! (49)

If you’re a hunter, check out antler-style drawer pulls. Like the reclaimed vibe of farmhouse style? Decorative barn door handles are a growing trend. Mexico is known for adding to rustic decor through copper and wrought iron handles, knobs, and hinges. That’s right! Hinges are an overlooked aspect of decoration. Embellish those hinges for added personality.

If you want to find or commission a few one-of-a-kind pieces, consider checking out sites like Etsy or your local flea market. Your local flea market may have a few vendors who can make custom rustic pieces that often cost the same or less than what you’ll find in big box stores.

Get inspired by these photos with hardware and lighting as part of rustic design style.

Rustic Style Furniture

rugged & oversized decor in rustic homes

Common characteristics of rustic-style furniture include oversized, rugged, rough, aged, and casual. This is the next most natural (& easy to achieve) element to boost rustic charm. Balance the edgy style of a room with an inviting attitude through furniture selections.

Complete your rustic look by checking out our 5 Modern Rustic Style Home Decor Tips. And shop our high-quality flooring or natural stone features. Contact us today to get a quote for your next project and bring your rustic vision to life. With worldwide shipping, we make every space count.

What is Rustic Decor? Check out rustic style homes & design! (61)

What is Rustic Decor? Check out rustic style homes & design! (62)

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What is Rustic Decor? Check out rustic style homes & design! (2024)
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