17 Green Bathroom Ideas That Will Make You Jealous! (2024)

Whether you’re looking for a calm andrelaxing divine spa bathroom design or a more on-trend sharp, and chic appearance, these green bathroom ideas are sure to inspire. If you are looking for a gorgeous emerald green as your decorating desire or dark green bathroom decor, these designs can help get the ball rolling.

Green bathroom designs are all aboutbringing the outdoors inand creating a sense of calm in the middle of chaos —we’re talking about your morning routine where you’re running late with wet hair and curlers still in place.Everybody needs a relaxing spa day.

Well, who doesn’t love a perfect bathroom?That’s why we’re here! Green bathrooms are a great way to promote mental visualization and create arefreshing and relaxing aesthetic.

Green is a popular color in many homes and has been for some time.So whether you prefer a chartreuse bathroom or something with a touch of mint, the following 17 green bathroom ideas, especially, are winning it.

But, of course, you don’t have to go full-on color to get a great green bathroom.Even painting just one accent wall can do wonders to make a room feel cheery.

Emerald Green Bathroom Tiles

The pop of emerald green tiles absolutely works in this bathroom. Another bold choice in this bathroom design is the use same mosaic tiles on all the bathroom walls;this helped to add color and pattern.

You can use emerald green bathroom tiles and contrast them with preferredmodern lines on your sink, faucet, and other materials.Don’t forget to add a couple of pot plants to support the green color.

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Dark Green Bathroom Vanity

Transform your bathroom into an oasis with a green bathroom vanity. Whether you choose an emerald green or a light sage, the color will add a vibrant and luxurious feel to your bathroom. From traditional to modern styles, a green bathroom vanity will perfectly fit any decor.

In this bathroom decor,the designer uses dark green color on the bathroom vanity, wall color, and trims with a contrast of grey wallpaper.

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Vintage Dark Green Bathroom with Gold Accents

Create a timeless look with vintage dark green bathroom tiles.Use gold accents to bring out the richness and elegance of the dark green subway tiles.Frombathroom light fixturesto faucets, you can find a variety of gold accents to add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom.

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Harmony of Green and Black Bathroom

A harmony of green and black bathroom designs is a great way to add atouch of sophisticationto your space.

In this bathroom design,the black marble countertop will add contrast and drama to the green, while gold accents and white tiles keep the room light and airy.You can also contrast the green with black accents in the form of a chandelier, a faucet, or bathroom accessories.

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Blue-Green Bathroom Walls with Trim Details

Create a stunning contrast with blue-green bathroom walls between your white sink and toilet.You can find various ways to incorporate this color combination into your bathroom, from traditional to modern designs.

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Add Green Wall Art

Another way to add green color to your bathroom isgreen bathroom accessories.Add green wall art to your bathroom for a unique and eye-catching look. Choose a piece that will stand out and make a statement. From abstract pieces to nature-inspired designs, you can find a variety of wall art that will bring your bathroom to life.

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Handmade Dark Green Bathroom Tiles

Add an extra touch of elegance to your space with handmade dark green bathroom tiles. Thedeep green color will add a luxurious and sophisticated feelto your bathroom, whilehandmade tiles add a unique texture.You can find a variety of shapes and sizes to create a unique and timeless look.

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Shades of Green in a Vintage Wallpaper

Make your bathroom stand out with shades of green in vintage wallpaper. Fromlighter shades to bolder patterns,you can find a variety of wallpaper that will bring your bathroom to life.The vintage look will add a timeless and inviting feel to the room.

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White and Sage Green Bathroom

Create a calming and inviting atmosphere with a white and sage green bathroom.The muted green color will bring a sense of serenity to the room, while the white walls will create a bright and airy feel.Use white accents to highlight the beauty of the sage-green bathroom furniture, tiles, or walls. Neutral colors such as sage green will also allow you to mix different metal finishes in your bathroom.

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Dark Green Subway Tiles with White Countertop

For a modern and timeless look, pair dark green subway tiles with a white countertop,and if you look in the mirror,you will see that they use white subway tiles in the shower.The dark green color will add a touch of sophistication to the room, while the white walls will brighten the space. Use brass accents to create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere

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Square Green Bathroom Tiles for a Retro Look

Use square green bathroom tiles in a retro style to add interest to your bathroom. Geometric tiles also provide a beautiful backdrop for other bathroom pieces, such as a modern vanity or a vintage tub.

For an even more unusual look,combine green tiles with peach accent colorsto create a colorful contrast. If you look deeper, you can realize that they choose peach grout to fill joints.Isn’t it unexpected?

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17 Green Bathroom Ideas That Will Make You Jealous! (14)

Bold Neon Green Bathroom

Create a bold and eye-catching look with a neon green bathroom. This bright color will add energy and vibrancy to the space. You can pair the neon green with white or black accents to keep the look from becoming too overwhelming.

This look may be bold to use in a home bathroom. However, it will look stunning in a bar or restaurant bathroom.

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Sage Green Bathroom Design with Wallpaper

Opt for sage green bathroom tiles with the wallpaper for a more subtle look.The sage green hue will create a tranquil atmosphere, while the wallpaper will add texture and interest to the space.Choose a wallpaper with a botanical or floral print to bring a sense of nature into the bathroom.

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Botanical Ceramic Wallpaper Tiles

Bring a unique look to your bathroom with botanical ceramic wallpaper tiles.You can find tiles with various beautiful and intricate designs, such as leaves, flowers, and trees.The color green will give the room a calming and soothing atmosphere, while the ceramic tiles will add texture and visual interest.Pair the tiles with chrome bathroom fixtures and accessories to complete the look.

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17 Green Bathroom Ideas That Will Make You Jealous! (18)

Dark Sage Green Bathroom Vanity with Brass

Pair a dark green bathroom vanity with brass accents for a more feminine and classic look.The dark sage green bathroom vanity will bring a natural and moody feel to the room, while the brass fixtures will add a sense of luxury and sophistication.

17 Green Bathroom Ideas That Will Make You Jealous! (19)

Sage Green Beadboard

You can use sage green on your bathroom walls. Sage green tones are perfect neutral colors to add interest to walls for any room.To create an attractive wall design, choose beadboard wood wall paneling.

17 Green Bathroom Ideas That Will Make You Jealous! (20)

Herringbone Style Light Green Bathroom Tiles

For an elegant and timeless look, opt for herringbone style light green bathroom tiles.The delicate pattern of the tiles will add a sense of sophistication to the space,while the light green shade will create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. The tiles will also provide a beautiful backdrop for other bathroom pieces, such as a modern vanity or a vintage tub.

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Bathrooms tend to be a rather personal space, often reflecting the personality of their owners and the style of decoration they choose.In recent years, green has become a popular color for bathroom decor—and it’s easy to see why.

I’ve talked with a lot of people who really love the color green.They like the fact that it is so balancing, so cooling, and soothing. This can be great for bedrooms and the bathroom where you want to chill out.There are incredible shades of green such as pistachio, sage greens, emerald greens, and mint… there’s just something about this color that feels so relaxing.

Designing a green bathroom can mean many different things.Some designers prefer minimal touches, while others opt for bursts of color.With these green bathroom ideas, you can get inspired by many different uses of this color in bathrooms.

After all, green is not only earthy and peaceful, but it also brings a sense of calm that can help a person relax.Of course,with so many green bathroom designs out there, choosing one may be tricky—but if you decide upon this color scheme, I think you’ll be pleased with the results.

17 Green Bathroom Ideas That Will Make You Jealous! (2024)


What color green is good for a bathroom? ›

Sage, Emerald, Lime, Jade, Olive and More

Whether you have a petite powder room or a massive bathroom suite, opting for a green color palette is a design game-changer.

What goes good with green for a bathroom? ›

What color pairs with green in a bathroom? Fixtures in warm tones such as gold, brass, and bronze offer a luxuriant contrast to deep shades of green. As an accent color, green adds unique character to white interiors.

What color goes with green bathroom tile? ›

Neutral tones like beige or white can work well with green tiles, creating a balanced and calming feel. Earthy tones such as browns or natural wood accents can also enhance the overall aesthetic. Consider incorporating muted blues or greys for a cohesive and soothing colour palette.

What color is livable green? ›

SW 6176Liveable Green

Create an inviting, organic vibe with this cool green. Its warm yellow-gray undertone gives this neutral balance and versatility. Actual color may vary from on-screen representation. To confirm your color choices prior to purchase, please view a physical color sample.

What color brings out green best? ›

1. Red undertones: Red is directly across from green on the color wheel, so any eyeshadow palette with red hues, like maroon, coral-orange, or pinkish-red, will accentuate green eyes. Rose gold is also a good option because the slightly red undertone of this gold shade allows green eyes to shimmer.

Is olive green a good color for a bathroom? ›

Light green hues are calming and bring a cooling effect to bright and sunny rooms. They also work well with other earthy tones like taupe and brown. Consider olive green for a more earthy feel or lime if you want something a little brighter and fun. You can never go wrong with such a fun color.

What colours make a bathroom feel warmer? ›

To achieve an inviting ambiance, opt for warm and earthy tones such as soft beiges, muted oranges, deep greens, blues and browns. These colours, often referred to as 'Mediterranean' hues, can instantly make this intimate space feel more welcoming.

What colour goes with avocado green bathroom? ›

Modern and thoughtful, avocado green is complemented perfectly with gold, browns or neutrals in the bathroom. The fresh, clean look works perfectly for a relaxed, indulgent vibe. Avocado green can be the base colour or an accent, and you can use different shades to work with the light in your bathroom.

Are green bathrooms good? ›

Equal Parts Versatile and Calming

All hues, from bright to muted, from yellow-tinged to blue, are good choices, really; yellow-greens are more energizing, while muted blue-greens will have a more mellowing effect. Here are some of our favorite green bathrooms, gathered in a gallery to inspire you.

How do I make my bathroom moody? ›

The light, bright, and beautiful bathroom is typically what homeowners go for. But if you're hoping to make your bathroom a bit more moody and more character-filled, aim for darker colors and textures instead.

What wall color goes with green tile? ›

If you want to maintain a unified pallet, yellow and blue are always nice complements to green tile. A light, breezy yellow gives the room a burst of sunshine, while baby blue provides a cooler airy ambience. Meanwhile, grey tones and creamy off-white hues can add a touch of sophistication.

Is a green bathroom a good idea? ›

The color green relaxes and energizes. In color psychology, it represents a sense of security, stability, balance, and harmony—all qualities we want to feel at the start and end of each day. For that reason, green is the ideal color scheme for bathrooms of all sizes and functions.

What color is most popular for a bathroom? ›

What are the most popular bathroom colors right now? Designers weigh in
  • Earthy hues.
  • Soothing greens.
  • Dramatic blues and blacks.
  • Bold reds.
  • Rich wood tones.
  • Monochrome color schemes.
  • Pinks and peaches.
Feb 8, 2024

What color is relaxing for a bathroom? ›

Earthy brown and beige colors create a warm and inviting atmosphere. They are natural and calming colors that can generate tranquility and relaxation. They also provide a spa-like experience and pair well with other earthy colors like green or blue.

What color is a good color for bathroom? ›

Bright White. A clean, crisp white bathroom is the ultimate in classic bathroom style. Though white walls are a relatively simple concept, this look can be quite striking and sophisticated. We love the idea of using different textures to break up the look.

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