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Product Features

  • Super bright:120W LED corn cob light produce up to 16800 Lumens,Led replacement 400W MH 500w HID lamp HPS Mercury Vapor bulb CFL.Led retrofit conventional Standard size old light bulb,single light bulb,regular light bulb,Old Light Fixture,With this E39/E40 Large Mogul Base 120W corn bulb
  • Energy Saving and Long Lifespan:Power consumption is 1/10 of incandescent bulb,2/3 of energy-saving bulb under the same brightness,LED life is 3-4 times longer than Traditional Metal Halide/HPS/HQI/SON-T/Vapor/Mecury/CFL lamps.No longer vexed for regular replacement
  • High Quality:120w corn bulb has excellent heat dissipation system including micro fan and aviation aluminum.360°Shining - no dead corner,No flicker ,We have many years of experience in exporting to Europe and America.Factory Sells Directly.We provide a free E39 and E26 adapter for each product - just screw in.
  • Wide Application:120W Led corn light Working voltage:AC110-277V Great for indoor outdoor Street and large Area liting,Storage Room Supermarket.Replace garage light,warehouse light barn light,Parking Lot High Bay light patio courtyard garden light shop light work light celling light grow light wall pack Post Top,acorn,low bay shoebox Light fixture etc,Anywhere need bright light with LED replacement bulbs
  • Quality Service and Installation:GTAREN offer 5 years quality service to ensure each customer’s 100% satisfaction.Please contact us for replacement if you have any quality problems.Please NOTE:The corn lamp has a built-in intelligent drive power supply, and no ballast. Please remove the ballast before power on.Please ensure the installation size

Product Features

  • Long lifespan: Adopted the folding process of high heat conductivity and light stamp aluminum material to accelerate heat dissipation. It makes the light longer lifespan about 50,000 hours. We are standing after our products all the time. You will be supported in time when you contact us any time.
  • Super Brightness: Our led corn light has higher light effect 150lm/watt to light up incredibly larger area. 360°beam angle, no flash, no flicker to protect your eyes.
  • Save Energy: The 100w corn bulb can be applied 110v to 277v. Supplying high lumen 15000lm, can replace 1000W incandescent bulb. It can work over 20 years more if you light it up in 6 hours per day. Will save more electricity bill when the day you use it on.
  • Easy Installation: The corn light is E26 with E39 adapter. It is very common to adapt almost light fixture. Just need screw in our new corn light and leave out your old one.
  • Widely Application: This ultra bright led light can be used for indoor and outdoor for commercial and industrial area, like garages,patios,stations, offices,homes,basem*nts.

Product Features

  • 【Energy Saving& High Brightness】: Our 20W LED corn lamp is equivalent to a 150W incandescent lamp; The ultra-high power output up to 2000 lumens, 360° full-angle omnidirectional lighting, covers a larger area.
  • 【Eye-Protective】: These led corn bulbs turned on instantly without flickering. High color rendering index (CRI>80), providing more vivid and natural light.Environmental protection, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation.
  • 【Much Safer & Longer Life】: FanNicoo corn light bulbs have overload protection,super stable quality, and a service life of up to 36,000 hours.
  • 【Easy Installation】: The LED light bulb is with standard E26/E12 connector,which is easy to install and suitable for most common household lamps. Note: This E12 led bulb is Non-Dimmable.
  • 【Wide Application】: Suitable for chandelier or ceiling fixtures, table lamps,floor lamps,wall lamps, etc.Commonly used in kitchens,living rooms,bedrooms,bathrooms and corridors. Light up every corner of the house!

Product Features

  • 【Energy-Saving & High Brightness】FanNicoo 40W LED corn lamp is equivalent to 280W incandescent lamp, which can help you save more electricity; Ultra-high power output of up to 4000 lumens, 360° all-angle omnidirectional lighting, covering a larger area.
  • 【Long Lifespan】The corn lamp, aluminum lamp body with excellent thermal conductivity ,and a new generation of intelligent constant current drive LED technology is adopted, with longer service.
  • 【4,000 lumen Intensive Brightness】When you turn on the daylight lamp, it can diffuse large area because the intensive brilliance (100lm/watt). Illuminating the place you want to go.
  • 【Different from other bulbs】Our LED corn lamp base is made of PC material, its good flame resistance withstand high temperatures up to 6500k.
  • 【Wide Applications】Unique design, corn shape to achieve 360° shining. E26/E27 medium base for easy installation. Widely used in garage, warehouse, garden, workshop, courtyard, patio, barn, shopping mall, supermarket, station, street, school, hospital, restaurant, hotel and so on.

Product Features

  • 【HIGH QUALITY】 Waterproof and dustproof. Our corn light is made of 6063 aviation aluminium with premium 2835 chip which replaces the 280W incandescent light or 200W HID light, super stable quality and extended service life.
  • 【ULTRA BRIGHTNESS】Available in 30 wattage. This corn lamp bulb uses E26 standard bases up to 4000lm of brightness and 5000K light color.
  • 【ENERGY EFFICIENT】 Our LED cob light is long life-span, high luminous efficiency, energy saving and enviromental friendly ,save power more than 90% by ordinary bulbs.
  • 【EASY TO INSTALL】No tools required, no wiring and no professional electricians required, just screw in medium base socket, it works.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】 This corn lamp is widely used in restaurant, garden, hotel, garage, warehouse, workshop, courtyard, patio, shopping mall, supermarket, station, street, school, hospital, etc.

Product Features

  • 【SUPER BRIGHT】 150W LED corn light produce up to 21000 Lumens at a stunning 140lm per watt ensures fabulous luminous efficiency. Replacing 400-500W Metal Halide Bulb/HPS/HID with 80% energy saving.
  • 【 LONG LIFE 】Grade lifetime of 50,000 hours ensures long-lasting reliable performance
  • 【EASY INSTALLATION】 Our 5000K LED corn bulb with an E39 mogul base, which are easy to install (just screw into light socket), please noted that the ballast need to be bypassed when changing to LED.You can accomplish without changing out the entire fixture, and also pay less for the electrician.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】With IP64 Wet location-rated design, waterproof/dust-proof, make E39 mogul led bulb a pefect lighting source in Garage, warehouse, Parking Lots, High Bay, Out lighting, Street lighting, or any area requires bright lighting.
  • 【 3 Years Warranty】Built with premium materials and circuitry,Long service life with 3 year warranty,and our seller support team always stand behind our products in any way, so please contact us for replacement if you have any quality problems.

Product Features

  • SUPER BRIGHT:100 Watt corn cob led light bulb has a brightness of up to 13500 lm,and the LED replaces 320W metal halide/mercury vapor/high-pressure sodium bulbs,Equivalent high lumens incandescent bulb/CFL bulb.It has 360 degree-shine with no dead corners and no flicker,giving you a very clear and bright space.
  • ENERGY SAVING AND LONG LIFESPAN:The power consumption is 1/10 of the incandescent bulb,2/3 of the energy-saving HID/CFL/MH bulb under the same brightness.With a lifespan of 50,000 hours,the corn light bulb will last over 23 years (estimated based on 6 hours of use day).100W LED corn lights are a great alternative that save energy,last longer,and saves on replacement and maintenance costs.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: We have configured adapters for each 100W led corn bulb,It can be easily connected directly to a large mogul E39 Base/E26 Medium Base-just by screwing in.In addition,the 100 W corn light bulb is available at 110v or 277 V,and comes with an internal driver for single-component installation(No ballast needed.Just connect the wires directly).The bulb size is:10.1*3.8 inches
  • WORRY-FREE GUARANTEE: AINIYO provides 24/7 customer service,a 60-day full refund policy,and a 5-year quality guarantee to ensure every customer is 100% satisfied.If you are not satisfied with our products or have any questions,please feel free to contact us via Amazon. (Tips: 100w corn led light bulbs cannot be used with dimmers).
  • WIDE APPLICATION: 100W LED corn cob light bulbs are perfect for interior and exterior large-area lighting,such as streets,garages,workshops,driveways,column tops,gardens,patios, stations,offices,schools,hospitals,restaurants, hotels,photography studios,homes,basem*nts,attics,granaries,auto stores,storage rooms,exhibition halls,laundry rooms, horse stables,barns,and anywhere else that requires super bright LED retrofit bulbs.

Product Features

  • 【Energy-Saving】:FanNicoo 60W LED corn lamp is equivalent to 500W incandescent lamp, which can help you save more electricity; Ultra-high power output of up to 6000 lumens, 360° all-angle omnidirectional lighting, covering a larger area.
  • 【 Long Lifespan】: The quality is very stable, and a new generation of intelligent constant current drive LED technology is adopted, with longer service.
  • 【Instant ON】Our corn Light don't need ballast, just wire them directly engineered to light instantly when the switch is flipped. No more waiting for bulbs to “warm up” or turn all the way on, then lighting up every corner of your room with an minimum of 100lm/watt.
  • 【Superior Heat Dissipation】: Constructed with 1070 cold forged aluminum and thermal conductivity 236W/mK, ensuring our LED corn bulb work in -4℉ to 113℉.
  • 【Wide Applications】: Unique design, corn shape to achieve 360° shining. E26/E27 medium base for easy installation. Widely used in garage, warehouse, garden, workshop, courtyard, patio, barn, shopping mall, supermarket, station, street, school, hospital, restaurant, hotel.

Product Features

  • ENERGY SAVING : 60W led corn light bulb is equivalent to 500w incandescent lamp. Same excellent performance but with 80% less electric consumption. Help you save more than 90% of electricity costs.
  • SUPER BRIGHT : LED light bulb provides a brightness of 7500 lumen 5000K daylight cool white light, No blind spots, CRI>80.
  • LONG LIFESPAN : 60W Led bulbs have more than 50,000 hours lifespan, good quality aluminum structure has rapid heat dissipation without sacrificing illumination power.
  • GOOD PERFORMANCE : The no fan design makes the 60w led light bulb have no noise, the led bulb is no buzz, no flicker, and safe to eyes, the 60w bulbs can be used anywhere.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS : The 60w led light bulb with unique design, achieving 360° shining, E26/E27 medium base for easy installation. The 60w bulbs widely used in garage, warehouse, garden, workshop, courtyard, patio, barn, shopping mall, supermarket, station, street, school, hospital, restaurant, hotel etc, anywhere need bright light.

Product Features

  • 【High Performance】 Our corn lights uses the latest energy-saving LED technology, 21,000 lumens, high brightness, low power consumption.Can be used in 100v~305v area.
  • 【LONG LIFESPAN 】LED light 50000 hours lifetime (23 years, based on 6 hrs/day).5 times of traditional bulb
  • 【BETTER DESIGN】 Designed for better cooling with Larger Size, aluminum Heat Sinkand built in fan ensure.Replacement 600Watt Metal Halide/HID/HPS/Mercury Vapor Bulb
  • 【EASY INSTALLATION】Led light bulb easy to connect directly into E39 mogul base, if necessary, remove the ballast and tighten the old fixture
  • 【 WIDE APPLICATIONS】Great for indoor outdoor large Area--garage, driveway, warehouse , parking lot, high bay,gyms, factories, shopping mall, supermarket, station, workshop etc
  • 【 FREE WARRANTY 】3 Years warranty. Our corn lights are UL listed. If any problems arise, please contact us.
10 Best Led Corn Bulbs | Tools & home improvement (2024)
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